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Jan Chetna Party - Venod Sharma Party

The vision and mission of Jan Chetna Party gathering are focused around the advancement .For any political pioneer his greatest quality is thought to be his vision and mission and Venod Sharma has an agreeable vision for the improvement of Haryana. His different vision for Haryana and its advancement makes him a totally diverse pioneer and makes him emerge from alternate pioneers of Haryana.

The real intent of any Haryana Political Party is to service the people of the society. Understanding problems of the people and resolving them should be the main focus areas for the leaders of the party. Haryana has witnessed that political parties have been using their power and position for their personal benefits. Political leaders are using their political powers as status symbols. They are influencing the decision making of the govt. for their personal benefits.

Haryana Political Party - JanChetna Party

In Haryana, people on the ground are not happy with these developments. There is a feeling of discontent and anger with such leaders. People want change in the system, as they are fed up from the current breed of politicians. Voters want to see accountability from the elected representative. Citizens want provisions like “Right to recall” including in constitution, so that there is a check on politicians, and they cannot take things for granted.

There is a political mess in Haryana at present. People do not know whom to believe and support. Public has lost all its faith. In such a situation, Venod Sharma has entered the political arena with JanChetna Party. He comes as a ray of hope. He is taking up issues of North Haryana, which have been ignored by the successive governments of Haryana. He wants the people to become more aware about their rights. He wants people to stay united and demand results from the state government. Venod Sharma explains that purpose of forming Jan Chetna Party was to demand scraping of illegal interview system, equal rights for G. T. Road region.

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