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Role of Venod Sharma in Haryana Politics

Today Haryana Politics is mired with corruption and favoritism. Most of the leaders in Haryana Politics put individual interests before the welfare of the state and there is no one in the political community in Haryana State who talks about the Development of Haryana. The political leaders are busy in laying the blame game leaving the state and its people completely rudderless.

In Haryana State, the leaders play politics over the issues of development and hence the investment in the state is getting hampered because of this. The incident of violence in the auto component belt of Faridabad-Manesar is one such example. Rather than condemning the incident, many political leaders tried to take advantage of the situation.

It is only Venod Sharma who has criticized the incident which vitiated the industrial climate of the state. It shows the concern Venod Sharma has for the growth and development of the state.

Venod Sharma is the most prominent Haryana Politician. He is one visionary for whom the development and prosperity of Haryana is of significant importance. In his forty years of political career, he has always taken up the fight of the people and has stood for the rights of down trodden and weaker sections of the society.

In Haryana State Venod Sharma is known as Vikas Purush for the No doubt that the people consider him the Vikas Purush of Haryana for the exceptional development work which he has done for the state. His list of good works is a long one .he has done for the state. Whether it’s about improving the infrastructure of the state or about attracting investments for Haryana, the list of Venod Sharma’s good work is a long one.

He is a far sighted leader who believes in novel ideas and solutions to take Haryana Politics forward. He has urged the Government of Haryana to prepare a clear roadmap for the development of Haryana. He is someone who does not believe in mixing the politics and development.