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Haryana Police Jobs - Recruitment 2014 of Police, SSC, Railways

JOBS in Haryana - Janchetna party is a firm believer that it is because of the government’s halfhearted approach that the problem of unemployment is increasing in Haryana. The rate of Job creation in Haryana is not happening at the required pace.

The rate of unemployment is increasing and this has become a problem for the state. Venod Sharma and JanChetna Party have raised alarm over the poor rate of job creation in the state of Haryana

Venod Sharma is known as mass leader of Brahmin community. He is loved by all the sections of the society, and his family have a strong connection with the people of Haryana and Punjab.

Haryana Police : The police of Haryana has the responsibility to provide safety and security to the people of Haryana. It is the job of the police force to instill confidence in people by maintaining law and order. It is the job of police force to protect the people who belong to the economically weaker sections as there voice is never heard. If a person of lower economic status goes to a police station to get his complaint registered, it is the job of the police to get it done.

Haryana Police Recruitment 2014 : SSC, Railways etc

Haryana Police Jobs : For the purpose of administration, Haryana has three divisions of police. In Haryana there is a lot of vacancy existing in Haryana police. Haryana police jobs are highly sought after jobs among the youths of Haryana.

Interview system of the Government jobs : The other problem that Haryana is facing today is that of massive corruption in government jobs. The selection process of the government jobs in Haryana is filled with corruption and JanChetna party president Venod Sharma has raised his voice against this injustice. The interview process in government jobs of Haryana is full of corruption and nepotism which is leading to frustration among the youths of the state. The deserving candidates are not getting jobs while those with recommendations are getting jobs.

JanChetna Party workers along with his supporters laid siege on the SSC (staff selection commission) Haryana. Venod Sharam demanded the resignation of SSC Chairman alleging irregularities in the interview process of the government jobs. Mr. Sharma has demanded immediate scrapping of the interview process in the government jobs.

Haryana New Jobs : There are not enough new jobs coming in Haryana. One major reason for the prevailing job problem in Haryana is a complete lack of programmes for the skill development. It is only Venod Sharma who understands this problem and has promised the youth that if he comes into power he will try to salvage the youth out of this tough situation.There are very little employment opportunities in Haryana. Search Haryana Police Jobs, recruitment etc online.

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