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Haryana News - Venod Sharma Inaugurating Lok Seva Panchayat offices in Haryana State

With the declaration of Lok Sabha results, the spotlight has now shifted to Haryana State elections are due after few months.

In Haryana, Congress was completely destroyed in the Lok Sabha elections. It was only able to get one seat. This thrashing will have a very bad impact on Congress workers moral. Now they would be expecting similar outcome in Haryana Assembly Elections 2014. Internally, Congress leaders must be mentally ready to face another thrashing in assembly elections.

INLD which was feeling low because of corruption charges on Chautala family got a pleasant surprise with win in two seats. INLD gain was loss for HJC.

The largest gainer in the LS elections was Bhartiya Janta Party, which won because of Modi wave. BJP now is planning to dump HJC and plans to fight state elections single-handedly.

A lot of proceedings of the recent history will have an impact on the upcoming Haryana State Elections News. Major among them would be resignation of Venod Sharma from Congress and his plans of forming a political party. Venod Sharma is a mass based leader with a huge following in Haryana.

Sharma left Congress in March 2014. He realized that the Congress had lost its touch with the citizens. He found that the problems raised by sincere party workers were being unnoticed. Haryana Government was providing special treatment to certain districts. All Haryana News are proceedings led to Venod Sharma resigning from the party.

After his resignation, Venod Sharma has been doing extensive tours in Haryana. He wants to meet with people and understand their troubles. Venod has been opening Lok Seva Panchayat offices in various assembly constituencies of Haryana State. The idea behind these inaugurations is to create connect with common voters of the state. These inaugurations and public interactions are getting a good reaction from community at large.