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Haryana Development by Venod Sharma - Jobs, Education

There is an enormous possibility of growth in Haryana. The prospects of Haryana Development are massive but on the ground there is very little development. The government of Haryana is not serious about the development of the state. It made tall promises to the people of Haryana but after winning the elections, never fulfilled any of those promises.

It is due to such an apathetic attitude of the government that Venod Sharma left the government and the congress party. For a visionary like him, the development of Haryana is of paramount importance and being part of a government which was not responsive to the needs of the people was against his principles.

So he quit not only the government but also the congress party. The case of IMT Ambala just goes on to show that sometimes how even the most well intentioned projects does not see the light of the day, due to the politics. This project got approval when Venod Sharma was a minister in Haryana Government. But the project got a decent burial when Venod Sharma left the government. This project would have changed the industrial scene of Haryana considerably. Through this project a large number of jobs would have been generated.

But the politics prevailed over development. Today Sharma ji is the only political leader who is fighting for this project .He is raising this issue because he knows that this one project would have helped youths to find employment. This project would have helped in providing thousands of jobs in an in direct manner.

Venod Sharma has repeated it on various occasion that in order to improve the level of Education in Haryana and to prepare the youths of Haryana for the competitive job market ,the focus should be on skill Haryana Development. Mere degrees won’t improve the employability of the youths and they will find their place in the market only with upgraded skills.