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Haryana Education Board | Haryana Board

Education is the requisite to mark the growth and development of the state. If people residing in state are not educated then there is no meaning of progress and development. Stagnant and retarded growth of education system can ruin the future of the state.

Haryana Board of Education is a body recognizes to enhance the level of education in Haryana by providing education to students between the age group of 3 to 18 years of age. Less syllabus and semester system are the best features of Haryana Board of Education.

The Board of School Education Haryana aims at the improvement of quality of education provided to students along with developing innovations in the method of teaching.

Board of School Education Haryana also has some flaws one among these are no monetary support to the weaker sections of society. A girl education is deteriorating in Haryana and need of the hour is to pay attention towards this direction. This will directly help in the upliftment and empowerment of the women folk in the state of Haryana. Methodology of teaching needs changes. It has to be made more child friendly.

Haryana Board of Education has made efforts to match the growing pace in competitive world but still it is far from the level of education in other states. “State lacking in education lacks in progress” is what Venod Sharma believes in. Following this dictum he has suggesting ways to make solid educational structure.

There is lots of scope to improve the Haryana education system. Education Board of Haryana has to check number of school drop outs, initiatives required to counsel parents to send their children to school. We need better teachers for better future of generation next but malpractice of corruption in interview system is declining Haryana education. Leader Venod Sharma is fighting and committed to scrap corruption from interview system.

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