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Venod Sharma Voice of Youth Fighting for Development in Haryana

Venod Sharma belongs to a political family involved in social and political activities in Haryana and Punjab. Venod’s father, Kedar Nath Sharma was a long term associate of India’s Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Kedar Nath Sharma served as Vice President of Congress Committee as well as the Chandigarh’ President UT Congress Committee.

In 1948, he was born in the town of Doraha in Ludhiana district of Punjab and completed his education from Chandigarh. Serving public and helping the mankind was in the bloods of Venod Sharma. Once Venod completed his education, he started working in the area of social service especially for women empowerment.

Venod Sharma is known as mass leader of Brahmin community. He is loved by all the sections of the society, and his family have a strong connection with the people of Haryana and Punjab.

He has represented both Haryana and Punjab as elected representative. In 1980, Sharma got elected as MLA from Banur, Punjab. He was successfully elected MLA twice (2005 and 2009) from Ambala City, Haryana.

Venod Sharma : Haryana Politician

Venod had the opportunity to represent the upper house of the parliament, Rajya Sabha. Recognizing the talent of Venod Sharma, late Prime Minister of India, P. V. Narsimha Rao inducted him as Civil Supplies - of State in the Ministry, Public Distribution, and Consumer Affairs in 1995. He was also part of Haryana cabinet in the first term of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

Venod Sharma has been involved with Ambala region of Haryana politically and socially for more than forty years. He is working in the different social service activities in Ambala. Under the aegis of “Ambala Healthcare & Welfare Society”, Mr. Sharma and his family are associated in several NGO activities such as Eye check-ups, Health camps, Blood donation drives.

Venod Sharma has been championing the cause of common man. He has been raising voice for the growth and development of all sections of the society. For the past some time, he found that state congress government had deviated from the path of public service and equality.

While he was in the Congress, he raised the issues of the people internally in the party. He found that voice was not being heard. Finally he decided to leave the party, so that he could directly connect with the people on the ground.

Venod Sharma visited around 500 villages in Haryana and interacted with the people. The main problems people faced were lack of educational facilities in rural area, un-employment among youth, anger against interview process in government jobs and non-uniform development in the state.

The impetus needed in education sector is missing and the state government is not investing in new infrastructure and up gradations. Youth of Haryana were forced to pursue higher education in other states due to which. Interview process was also spoiling future of the youth. Qualified youth were not getting government jobs as politically connected people, who were less qualified, were being selected. State was marred by regionalism where only few districts were getting development projects and thus jobs; where as other districts were ignored.

Venod Sharma has been raising all these issues and he is getting very positive response from public.

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